1. damn i damn i love my waifu

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  2. morbi:



    this is apparently happening

    if I see a captain falcon dlc in mario kart I’m gonna need all your energy for a dreamcast spirit bomb to destroy iwata

    *edit* oop, there it is in the tiniest screenshot, Mute City DLC.

    Okay! I’m gathering all your energy… This one’s for Gunpei!!

  3. moegangsta:


  4. dr.loom

    first assistant engineer

  5. kosmicdream:

    my oni girl for gran

    ' 3'

  6. kosmicdream:

    did you know I have a lot of pokemon gijinka ocs?? i do. i have so many. (like over 60) but here are only 12. I missed drawing everyone!

    check out all my girlfriends

  7. Dynamo’s dad


  8. "

    I can’t get through the day without feeling that what I do matters, so I make video games matter in my own mind. And then I’ll matter.

    Some journalists or TV video game people came along and gave the impression that “It’s not just losers anymore! Those days are gone. Now look: there’s THIN people talking about video games, there’s people with HAIRCUTS talking about video games. It’s not a loser’s hobby anymore!” But enough time has passed now and the mask has fallen off many of these people. They’re just as broken and lost and lonely… [I think] people are just replacing social interactions and filling all their time with these personalities and faces and words.

    It’s just a lot of broken people huddling together trying not to fall over.



    on why people watch let’s plays

  9. 20g-coin:

    My soul has been ignited! I’ll dedicate my life to making games!!!


  10. moegangsta:

    I was bored so I busted out the markers and!!!

    I just… like her so much… ;w;

    ( shitty iPod pics awwww yissss B) )

    whaa!!! LOOKS GREAT!!!!!! GIVE IT TO ME PLS