1. amicableaggressor:

    welcome to company present you best product


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  3. kosmicdream:

    #1 anime husband of all time forever

  4. Is it too late to make fantasy movesets? Does it anyway.

    My preferred metroid rep. Why does she always get snubbed?

    Maybe this will persuade you…

  5. kosmicdream:

    i love inyarshsh


    1. terry: i stopped myself from pooping because I didn't want to wipe my ass with paper towel
    2. me: new tech
    3. terry: poop cancelling

  6. petersolorzano said: Wait, you dislike the DLC? Personally, I'm excited for it!

    I’m okay with everything except the F-Zero stuff. 

    F-Zero GX is holy to me. It represents a lot of what I believe games should feel like and what everyone making games should strive for. I could write a thesis on it but my point is it’s one of the few series I’m really particular about and irrationally cling to, a lot of it due to it being one of Sega’s final core developed games (RIP Amusement Vision) I’m prone to over-exaggerate about it whenever it comes up so that’s why I went super saiyan on it.

    I have no problems with anyone hyped about it but I’ll still be playing Sanic All-Stars Racing Transformed till whenever the sequel to that comes out.

  7. damn i damn i love my waifu

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  8. morbi:



    this is apparently happening

    if I see a captain falcon dlc in mario kart I’m gonna need all your energy for a dreamcast spirit bomb to destroy iwata

    *edit* oop, there it is in the tiniest screenshot, Mute City DLC.

    Okay! I’m gathering all your energy… This one’s for Gunpei!!

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